Marconi Castle Skincare is a skincare studio designed to stand out in a world of enhancements and quick fixes. To address concerns, we consider the skin itself but also understand it as a reflection of the body’s interior health. Utilizing the most effective non-invasive technologies, the studio focuses on overall wellness for great skin health from the inside out.



Boston-born, Marconi Rodas has become one of the city’s most sought after facialists.


Established in 2018, Marconi set up his studio in Chelsea, the first in the city's history. With training and experience, in France and Australia, Marconi believes that the key to beautiful skin is a long-term approach that incorporates a seasonal regimen and a healthy lifestyle rather than short-term quick fixes. He solidifies this practice by offering high-end non-invasive facials inspired by his own skin struggles.

Marconi’s philosophy is threefold: to stimulate the Lymphatic System, energize skin cells and tone facial muscles

His treatments are a mixture of the most innovative technologies and timeless techniques. LED, ultrasound, microcurrent, manual massage and manipulation of the facial muscles are incorporated into his customized treatments where results are undeniable. Marconi created the Sculpt+Detox method to be performed in all of his facials at the studio. 

Marconi is currently serving as an Environ USA Brand Ambassador.