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About Us

Marconi Castle Skincare is a skincare studio designed to stand out in a world of enhancements and quick fixes. To address concerns, we consider the skin itself but also understand it as a reflection of the body’s interior health. Utilizing the most effective non-invasive technologies, the studio focuses on overall wellness for great skin health from the inside out.

We are proud to be the first spa in Chelsea's history. We offer customized facials, uniquely tailored to the condition of the skin. We specialize in treating acne and revising scarring.

The Team



Boston born, Marconi Rodas has become one of the city’s most sought after facialists. His facial treatments are designed to stand out in a world of injections and quick fixes, offering high-end non-invasive facials inspired by his own skin struggles. Trusted by some of Hollywood's most notable faces, Marconi specializes in customized acne and scarring treatments. His clients leave feeling rejuvenated and enthusiastic about their new skin care routine.  



Originally from the U.K., Rhian, or Rhi for short, has been living in the U.S. for ten years primarily working in the hospitality industry as well as a makeup artist. She got into esthetics from her long love of makeup and helping people feel confident. Realizing skincare is key to great makeup application, Rhian decided to enroll in esthetics school. As a former client of Marconi's, she believes that with a tailored home regimen and in-spa treatments everyone can achieve happy healthy skin. When she's not in the spa, she likes all things true crime and spending time with her two Pomeranians, Mash and Ruffle. 



Bringing over 8 years of experience, Candy specializes in permanent cosmetics and lash extensions. As a pioneer in the industry, she has trained over 500 students and has taught continued education classes in lash extensions. A perfectionist, Candy is a versatile artist with an eye for enhancing each client's personal goals. When not providing services, she enjoys playing tennis and spending time with her 2 year old daughter.

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