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These selections incorporate the most important steps in a skincare regimen: cleansing, toning, treatment application + moisturizing, Marconi has personally chosen his favorite products, to simplify your skincare needs. 

Marconi's Favorites Kit

  • Marconi hand-picked his favorite products for an unforgettable ritual. Focusing on hydrating, calming and correcting the skin, Marconi designed this Essential Kit for an at-home spa treat!

  • 1. CLEANSE: Reflekt Daily Exfoliating Face Wash


    • Dispense Quarter-sized amount into hands and gently massage over damp skin.
    • Jojoba beads will melt into hydrating foam


    2. SERUM: DMK Beta Gel


    • Massage 1 pump of serum into the skin


    3. MASK: Exquisite Dual Hydration Mask


    • Open package and remove films
    • Apply mask on face, smoothing out all wrinkles
    • Remove before applying other products


    4. TREATMENT: Marconi Castle Cryo-Sticks


    • Over mask, massage tools to cool and soothe skin
    • massage focusing on contouring face


    5. OIL: Environ Oil Capsules


    • Open 1 capsule and massage oil onto face, neck and chest
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